When the waves of reality rage, when they crash onto the sunny beaches of our desires we reap whatever disappointment we have sown. An image imagined, a fantasy , a possibility around which we shape expectations. Unfortunately those expectations most often fail to consider that everyone else involved in our desire is usually completely oblivious to our thoughts.
So all the planning, energy, expectation, and effort we invest in building our scenerio is often crushed when we discover that we were the only one who imaged that outcome. The trouble lies in the fact that, rather than recognize that we were the only ones signed on to our plan we often blame those around us for their inability to either read our minds or ask all the right questions.
We must remember that no amount of love can ever induce telepathy. That expectation merely restarts the cycle.
I imagined your arrival at around 4:00. Since you’ve been camping you may want to shower. Then dinner. I still hadn’t decided what to eat. Sliced potatoes with onions, mushrooms, chicken,  maybe some green & wax beans, all simmered together in a cream of mushroom sauce. Slumgullion is the term Claude, my cooking teacher, used to call it.
I got a movie about a writer that I think you’d like if you hadn’t seen it. We’d climb into my big foam cushion and watch it together.
If you were still awake after that I’d warm some oil or lotion, put you on the table and work out whatever pain there may have been from your camp-out.
You’d have to decide then if you wanted to make it home or just remain in your state of bliss until you woke up again. Your choice, but you would have to make me breakfast in the morning
Monday morning…
Damned if you didn’t show up
And reality fell somewhere in between the dream and disappointment- more dream

While it is true that I have given my solemn vow never again to venture into Space uninvited, I just realized that any other traveler chancing, upon the bones of those who have gone before, cannot claim a promise lies broken in the dust of their footprints. Therefore from this day forward I, as Hanzel cast his bread upon the forest floor, cast my crumbs upon this path for a wonderer to find nourishment in if they should chance to match my path.